July Notices from Friend's House

Quakers condemn all acts of violence

In the wake of recent tragedies, Paul Parker, the Recording Clerk, has made a statement on behalf of Quakers in Britain. He refers to Quakers’ response and says, “Quakers lovingly uphold all those affected by the recent tragedies. People of all faiths should be able to live and worship in peace.”

You can read the full statement on the news page of Q website www.quaker.org.uk/news- and-events/news/quakers-condemn-all-acts-of-violence and also on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter @BritishQuakers for news

Yearly Meeting Gathering – bookings still open

29 July–5 August 2017, Warwick University

Already over 1,300 Friends of all ages are coming, and we’ve got room for a few more! Come and enjoy the packed programme including a variety of talks and workshops.

Go to www.quaker.org.uk/ym for a full timetable and online bookings. Bursaries are still available. Please note that the children’s programme is now full.

For bookings enquiries contact Warwick University by email: Quakers2017@warwick.ac.uk. For other YMG enquiries, please contact ym@quaker.org.uk or phone 020 7663 1040.

Conferences and events

2017 Quaker Activist Gathering

10am–4pm, Saturday 14 October 2017, LIFT Islington, London

What does our Quaker faith prompt us to do in the world? Join Quaker Peace & Social Witness and US Friend and activist George Lakey for a day of sharing, workshops, networking, and movement-building.
Plus: between 6–9pm at Friends House George Lakey will give a free talk to launch his new book, Viking Economics.
Kristin Skarsholt, bymevents@quaker.org.uk www.quaker.org.uk/events/qag-2017


Quaker Tapestry exhibition

7–18 August 2017, Friends House, London

Delight in the detail of the Quaker Tapestry and its unique exploration of Quaker history at this free ‘on the road’ exhibition of 21 original Tapestry panels. On display Monday to Saturday 10am–4pm and Thursdays 10am–8pm. www.quaker.org.uk/events/quakertapestry


Quaker News

Quaker News – no summer issue
Due to staff changes we will not be publishing a summer issue of Quaker News this year. The next issue will be brought to you by a brand new editor and will reach meetings in late September, in time for Quaker Week. If you would like extra copies of this issue to use during Quaker Week, please let us know.

Leslie Bell, qn@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1019

Quaker Week and Outreach

Getting ready for Quaker Week 2017 In turbulent times: be a Quaker

30 September–8 October 2017

Free information packs – we can send your meeting six free copies of our helpful information pack for newcomers, which includes leaflets, Advices & queries and a copy of Being a Quaker by Geoffrey Durham. Send your requests to quakercentre@quaker.org.uk or phone 020 7663 1030 or 020 7663 1125.

Providing speakers – if you are holding an event during Quaker Week, we can offer speakers on a wide range of topics, from Quaker worship and spirituality, to Quaker history, to peace education, economic justice and advocacy. Email speakers@quaker.org.uk
Balloons are now available too!

Quaker Hoodies now available!

Quaker hoodies (also known as zoodies) are now available! A  brilliant tool for everyday outreach, stewarding events, activism and chaplaincy, they can be purchased at the Quaker Centre bookshop in
Friends House, on their website http://bookshop.quaker.org.uk and will be available at Yearly Meeting Gathering. They feature our outreach Twitter handle ‘Know more Quakers’ underneath the Q logo.


Mental health in Quaker meetings survey

Quaker Life would like to learn how meetings respond to challenges that arise in Quaker meetings that relate to mental health or illness. Please respond as a meeting or as an individual. There is not a limit to the number of responses from each Quaker meeting and individuals are strongly encouraged to send in their own response as well as elders’ or overseers’ responding on behalf of the meeting community.

Please visit https://forms.quaker.org.uk/ql-mental-health-survey.

The form should take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete online. Oliver Waterhouse, oliverw@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1007

The Changing Face of Faith in Britain survey

As part of a research project commissioned by the Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations (QCCIR) on the changing face of faith in Britain, a new online survey has been produced aimed at those who have first come to Meeting in the last 3 years. Please complete the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7NTL6KP by July 24.

The Changing Face of Faith in Britain

16–18 March 2018, Woodbrooke, Birmingham

Area meetings are asked to appoint to the Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations (QCCIR Qf&p 9.13) conference. This will cover the findings of the current QCCIR research project on ‘The Changing Face of Faith in Britain’, looking at the challenge for Friends of the growth of ‘secular society’ and changes to traditional religious expression. It will provide an opportunity to consider the results of this project and where this might lead Friends. Also see 9 below

Quakers and the Changing Face of Faith in Britain survey (PDF)

enquiries@woodbrooke.org.uk, 0121 472 5171 www.woodbrooke.org.uk



Quaker uk notices June 2017

Review of Quaker appeals process

Quaker faith & practice gives Friends the right to appeal to Meeting for Sufferings about decisions of an area meeting which affect them personally (section 4.25). Meeting for Sufferings is currently reviewing the process for this and has appointed a small group. That group has come up with a number of questions to help it consider if the current process works well or how it could be changed. If you would like to assist the group, then please get in touch with me. The group will need responses by the end of June.
Michael Booth, michaelsb@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1023

Our faith in action: Quaker work in 2016

Our faith in action gives a brief taste of the range of work carried out by Britain Yearly Meeting on behalf of Quakers in Britain last year. We hope that all Friends will get a chance to read it and that they will feel proud of what has been achieved in their name
Our faith in action and the 2016 financial statements are available online at www.quaker.org.uk/annualreport. For paper copies please email resources@quaker.org.uk or phone 020 7663 1015.

Yearly Meeting Gathering places still available

29 July–5 August 2017, Warwick University
Come to Yearly Meeting Gathering (YMG) and enjoy the packed programme. There will be a variety of talks and workshops from George Lakey, Steve Whiting, Bridget Walker, Mairi Campbell-Jack, Ann Morgan and more.
Further details available at www.quaker.org.uk/ym and a full timetable will be online from 1 June.
Online bookings will open again on 1 June for remaining places. Spaces and bursaries still available.
For bookings enquiries contact University of Warwick directly email Quakers2017@warwick.ac.uk
For other YMG enquiries, please contact ym@quaker.org.uk or phone 020 7663 1040.

Getting ready for Quaker Week 2017 In turbulent times: be a Quaker

29    September–8 October
Quaker Week is coming! Well, not yet but it’s never too early to think about planning!
This Getting ready for Quaker Week letter (PDF) contains a full list of resources, support and contacts to help you plan and advertise your Quaker Week events.
It includes information about the new poster, ideas pack and postcard pack that will be sent to meetings over the summer and details resources to buy/download including our new Quaker hoodies. It also outlines our speaker offer where we can send you a speaker to talk on a range of topics such as Quakerism today, our peace work and the history of the Society.
We encourage Friends to add ‘#QuakerWeek’ on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts to promote their events and join the conversation!

Refugee Week

19–25 June, Friends House and across Britain
Quaker events to support Refugee Week include a Library open day at Friends House (Monday 19 June) and author events in the
Quaker Centre bookshop at 6.30pm on 19–22 June alongside all-age meetings for worship, theatre performances and discussion events in local meetings across Britain.
There is a Journeys in the Spirit resource for children’s meeting. For full listings visit quaker.org.uk/migration or refugeeweek.org.uk.
If you are organising a Refugee Week event and would like to list it on the quaker.org.uk/migration website, email timothyg@quaker.org.uk.

Membership Weeekend – finding out about Quakers

10–12 November 2017, Charney Manor, Charney Bassett, Oxfordshire
This weekend is for people who have been around Quakers for a while and want to explore further. What does Quakerism mean to you? Do you need to know more? Is there any difference between being an attender at Quaker meetings and becoming a member?


Notices February 2017

Young Quaker Calendar 2017 (PDF) provides information about events and resources available for young Quakers aged 11 and above. The calendar can also be viewed online at www.yqspace.org.uk/find-event. For further copies to give to young Quakers, please contact the CYP Administrator on 020 7663 1013 or email cypadmin@quaker.org.uk.

New economy booklet Quaker Peace & Social Witness’ new economy booklets explore what an economy in tune with Quaker testimony might look like. The latest booklet, Money, banks and finance in the new economy, is now available. Read it online at www.quaker.org.uk/neweconomy or order it by emailing neweconomy@quaker.org.uk or writing to QPSW at Friends House.

Making Waves Spring 2017 (PDF) Newly revamped annual journal of Quaker Peace & Social Witness’ Turning the Tide programme, containing a digest of articles and blogs, mainly from Turning the Tide’s website: LINK covering many aspects of nonviolence and social change. Join the mailing list by contacting: turningtide@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1064/1

Swarthmoor Hall Programme 2017 (PDF) Including courses and retreats in the Woodbrooke at Swarthmoor Hall programme; non-residential performances and special events; activities for the Quaker community from meetings for worship to 1652 pilgrimagesDocuments relating to the numbered items in the local and area meetings letters (numbered as per the items in the letter):

4 March 2017, York Friargate Meeting House, York
Any interested Friends are now invited to attend this one day conference to hear from Christian and other faiths about spiritual approaches to end of life issues. Further details on the day’s agenda and speakers are on the enclosed flyer along with a booking form. If you would like to attend see link above or contact Graham Spackman, grahams@quaker.org.uk

 Journeys into the Spirit: This free resource to aid work with children, young people and even adults has over 1,100 subscribers. Current issues offer approaches to encourage the reading of Quaker faith & practice in line with the BYM initiative. Links to an updated catalogue and a leaflet with a subscription form. All issues are available on the Being Friends Together website http://together.woodbrooke.org.uk/resources.php.
Journeys in the Spirit 2017 leaflet (PDF)
Journeys in the Spirit 2017 catalogue (PDF)

For young people who are interested in international affairs and the United Nations that the Geneva Summer School 2017 is being advertised and the closing date for applications is 15 March 2017.
Geneva Summer School 2017 flyer (PDF)
Helen Bradford, 020 7663 1071, helenb@quaker.org.uk

Young Friends General Meeting
24–26 February, Edinburgh Meeting House
Young Friends General Meeting (YFGM) is a national community of young adult Quakers aged 18–30ish. We meet several times a year to spend time together, explore our faith, and have fun! Our next meeting will be north of the border, in Edinburgh from 24–26 February.
We encourage meetings to consider funding representatives who could report back on the activities of this vibrant community.
To find out more or to register, go to the YFGM website at yfgm.quaker.org.uk or contact the YFGM Office: 020 7663 1050; yfgm@quaker.org.uk; Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

Quaker chaplaincy support is available
We need more Quaker chaplains!
A talk or workshop on Quaker chaplaincy may help with the recruitment of Quaker chaplains. We can also help you organise a visit to the chaplaincy team in your local prison, university, hospital or other workplace where possible, to help raise awareness within your meeting about this important Quaker work/role. There is a pool of existing Quaker chaplains to support you with this, so please do get in touch.
Marleen Schepers, 020 7663 1143, chaplainsupport@quaker.org.uk www.quaker.org.uk/chaplaincy

FWCC hiring Organisational Assistant
Friends World Committee for Consultation: the World Office and the Europe and Middle East Section are sharing a full time Organisational Assistant and are seeking applications.
Application deadline: 28 February
For further information, contact Kim at kimb@friendsworldoffice.org
FWCC job advert 2017 (PDF)

Experiment with Light
Quaker Life recognises that for some Friends, Experiment with Light can be a powerful way of deepening their spiritual life. Experience has shown that the practice contributes best to the life of the meeting when it is undertaken in a group that is in the care of the meeting and supported by elders. Below  are enclosing details of opportunities in 2017 for learning more about the practice.
Susie Tombs, 07967 111338 experimentwithlight@gmail.com, www.experiment-with-light.org.uk
Experiment with Light 2017 flyer (PDF)

Joint Libraries Development Project
A Joint Libraries Development Project is being undertaken by Britain Yearly Meeting and Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre. The libraries  at Friends House and at Woodbrooke are working together to increase use of their collections. They are exploring the possibility of an online digital library and wish to hear your views. Whether currently a library user or not, all input is helpful.
Action: Please encourage individual Friends to contribute to plans for the joint library service by completing the survey at:
https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JLDP1 Survey open until the end of February 2017
Any queries contact project manager Adrienne Speake: Adrienne.speake@woodbrooke.org.uk